2 Day Workshop, Mastering TDD/BDD

Join me for a 2 day workshop Mastering TDD and BDD for iOS

Learn How To:

  • Answer the question “can we submit?” in seconds not days.
  • Write maintainable tests that help you build Apps that get better not worse.
  • What to test and (just as importantly) not what not to test in iOS.
  • Understand different considerations when testing Obj-C v Swift code.
  • Use tests to improve and change existing legacy code.
  • Spot and avoid common testing anti-patterns
  • Understand acceptance testing and its role in Agile software development
  • Use Acceptance tests to help drive more efficient development.
  • Work with FitNesse (an open source Wiki and acceptance testing framework)
  • Automate tests using continuous integration and Xcode bots
  • Apply effectively Unit Tests, Acceptance Tests and UI Tests on iOS
Join me for a 2 day workshop 'Mastering TDD & BDD for iOS' at CodeNode 22-23rd Sep - Early Bird Pricing ends 26th Aug